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Issues in Our Community

Stronger Infrastructure

As South Carolina’s second-largest county, Richland County should lead the way in physical and economic infrastructure. We have to plan for continued growth in our county. It is the job of the council to prepare for this growth, so we are ahead of the growth and not behind.

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Issues: Issues

Penny Sales Tax Transparency

Transparency is a large part of the constituent trust. If information continues to be hidden in the dark and behind closed doors, it will be harder to gain the trust of Richland County taxpayers. There is a need for information for the county as well as a plan to move forward differently than we started this project. The county can't keep taking YOUR money and not telling you where it is going.


Food Deserts in the County

Right now over 65,000 citizens in Richland County do not have access to affordable and healthy food options. We must work to ensure that all of our citizens have this access because a healthy county is a stronger county!

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A Safer County

Proactive relationships and community policing will strengthen relationships between citizens and law enforcement/first responders. Working more with our public safety entities to develop a community/countywide approach to crime is on the top of the list.

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Growing our Community

We must attract businesses to Richland County to sustain the growth of our county and retain homegrown talent with jobs. Let's give YOU a reason to work, play, and want to grow your family in Richland County.

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