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May 27, 2020

Mayor Steve Benjamin

“Hamilton is a young shining star and a great example of the talent produced here in Richland County. His passion for seeing his hometown thrive and experience in governance will be an incredible asset to Richland County Council. I know he will represent the fine people of District 8 with great pride.”


May 7, 2020

U.S. Senator Cory Booker

“I’ve seen firsthand Hamilton’s dedication and commitment to Richland County in the years I’ve known him. As a former mayor, I know how important it is to ensure that local government works for everyone, especially in difficult times. Hamilton is the leader that Richland County needs and it’s my honor to endorse him for County Council.”


June 18, 2020

Dr. Jermaine Johnson
Democratic Nominee

SC House District 80

Hamilton Grant is the most qualified candidate to bring systemic change to Richland County Council. His bold ideas, high integrity, and ability to call out injustice on behalf of people makes him the much-needed solution to the problems we face in Richland County. The residents of our great county deserve better and Hamilton is the best leader for the job. Vote Hamilton Grant for Richland County Council District 8 on June 23rd!


Mar 30, 2020

Rev. Rosalyn G. Coleman

Columbia District of the AME Church

“I am delighted to endorse Hamilton Grant for Richland County Council District 8. He is a young man who has demonstrated a genuine interest in people and communities. His values and ethics guide his decision making in business and in life. Hamilton Grant is the smart choice for Richland County Council District 8”.


Feb 11, 2020

SC State Representative Ivory Thigpen

“Hamilton is a young leader that I have had the chance to know and build a friendship with over the last few years. In the short time that I’ve known him, I’ve found him to be a very wise young man with a servant’s heart.”


Feb 4, 2020

Former SC State Senator Joel Lourie

"I have had the pleasure of watching Hamilton grow up to not only be a great community leader, but a great family man. Hamilton’s business background, passion for excellence and fresh perspective are all things needed to move Richland County forward.”


Mar 30, 2020

Run for Something

“I am excited to receive the endorsement of Run for Something. This national organization is doing a lot for candidates like myself and they are committed to seeing better communities starting locally. Local elections matter and with their help this one will change Richland County for years to come.”


Mar 30, 2020

Tanya Rodriguez-Hodges 
Latino Communications CDC

“Hamilton Grant está interesado en nosotros- queriendo saber más sobre nuestras necesidades y cómo puede ayudar. Creo en su compromiso con nuestra comunidad y confío en que trabajará para que nuestros vecindarios tengan éxito. ”.


May 21, 2020

State Representative Beth Bernstein

"It is my great pleasure to support Hamilton Grant for Richland County Council District 8. I’m supporting Hamilton Grant because I know he will bring fresh, new independent leadership to the Richland County council. He is a man of integrity and he and his family have been active in our community for decades. I know him and I trust him.”


June 18, 2020

Derrek Pugh
Democratic Nominee

Richland County Council District 2

You deserve a fresh, new approach on County Council and Hamilton Grant is the person who will make that happen on your behalf! His heart for the community and vision for our County is infectious! He cares about the future of Richland County. We can always count on Hamilton to do the right thing for the right reason! Please, make your way back out to the polls on June 23rd to elect the very best candidate in the Richland County Council District 8 race, Hamilton Grant.


Mar 30, 2020

Pastor Kelly “Nikki” Moultrie

The Brook

“It is my great pleasure to support Hamilton Grant for Richland County Council District 8. He is prepared, insightful, tenacious, and charitable. I trust that he will lead the people of the 8th District with dignity.”


Mar 26, 2020

Former Mayor of City of Columbia Bob Coble

"Knowing the needs of your district is most important to serving it. Hamilton is a lifelong resident of Richland County and is running to bring a progressive and efficient approach to our growing county."

Supporters of Hamilton Grant

Bishop Samuel L. Green, Sr.

Presiding Elder Rosalyn Grant Coleman

Pastor Schrendria Robinson

Pastor Simeon Moultrie & First Lady Nikki Moultrie

Representative Ivory T. Thigpen

Martha Smith

Former State Senator Joel Lourie

Shonda Davis

Cedric Luckey

Andrea Butler

Mayor Bob Coble

Dr. Macie Smith

Prince Tonna Okei

Elder Jonathan Jackson

Elana Frazier

Nadia Muhammad

Luther & Judy Battiste

Brandy “Beasy Baybie” Henshaw

Zenata Donaldson

Shannon Legree

Tony & Helen Grant

Judge Mildred Weather McDuffie

Jacinda McDuffie

Carlos Evans

Kobie & Ashlye Wilkerson

Pastor Charlie “CJ” Butler, Jr.

Phil Ford

Anderson & Endia Mack

Bernice Scott

Rodney & Patricia Jenkins

Edith Holmes-Anderson

Sheila Washington

Ashley Page

Brian Myers

Kara Simmons

Mark Stanley

Brandon & Angel Ross

Craig & Tasia King

Juwan & Ava Ayers

Jerry Emanuel

Oveta Glover

Aaron & Tamala Ashford

Kenny & Keisha Smith

Monique Flowers

Alice Boute

Regina Skeeters

Victor Kemper

Tanya Rodriguez-Hodges

Thomas Niles

Jacob Eller

Coach Willie Jefferies

Don & Carol Fowler

Kara MCullough (Miss USA)

Darryl & Donna McKie

James & Ebony Means

Jathan & Sheimeria Means

James & Yvonne Means

Mary Skinner Jones

Albert McKie

John & Gilda Hinson

Joseph Grant

Ron Harvey

John Sowards Jr.

Clarence Davis

Mayor Steve Benjamin

Brian & Diane Smith

Bobby & Barbara Williams

Ed Menzie

Ronnie Sabb

Dr. Kevin Rolle

Rep. Beth Bernstein

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